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Want to meetup with us?, is not our first software application. We as founders/ team member have been in the process of creating products for business/ enterprises & Individuals. Our founding has profound expertise on curing B2C, B2B product with minimalistic approach

What your story?

As they say, on internet one does not create anything new rather what gets created is extension of something which is existing ! was not a new Gig for us, rather our first app within the same space is “imeetify- meeting organizer”, which resulted in development of

What about funding?

We are self funded, we do not believe in focusing on approaching Investors/ VC-
No offense !
Our focus remains on building products as we strongly believe in product first approach and rest of the things will fall in place. But as investor you like our idea and approach, we are more than willing to have virtual meeting or in-person meeting with you team

Make in India- Made in India

We strongly believe in Make in India and Made in India. So far and till now we have been using multiple products which are mainly from US or countries outside India.We are creating a huge push for Believe in India story , building
product for global marketplace.
we are building the platform for specific global markets !

Are we first in this space?

Ofcourse, we know and understand we have competing products/ SaaS platform similar to in the internet space! Then how are we different ? name of the game is simplification- minimalist approach Try out now ! Same as India sent rocket to MARS orbit- was it first in the world? NO ..

Long way
to go !

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