Health & Wellness
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Health & Wellness Appointment Booking management
is now simplified.

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Improved patient experience

Provide an effortless scheduling experience for patients by eliminating the hassles. Delight your patients with seamless scheduling.

Reduce No Shows

Now guarantee that your patients
won’t miss an appointment with
prompt notifications and reminders.

Easy Rescheduling

Appointments can be quickly scheduled
and rescheduled by patients. Offer
flexibility and ease of booking to your patient.

Extend tele-consultations

Offer tele-consultations to the patients who
find discomfort or unable for in in-person
consultations. Now patients can connect
from anywhere.

Optimize the front desk

Let Staff devote their time to providing a
good experience for patients and let
manages the appointment bookings.

User-friendly software books appointments with easy
click and no need for complex integrations.
Book online appointments with an easy
UI interface.

Efficient way to manage Wellness

Easy 3 step process to
book appointments

Enables prompt notifications
and reminders

Select available days to
accept appointment bookings

Sharable link to book
appointments online


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